GLoRiA (crunchy_spandex) wrote in thighsnwhispers,

Haunted house that looks worth it...someone should check it out

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Wow--I used to go to Dequindre Road Baptist Church (a block from this haunted house, apparently) when I was a kid living in Sterling Heights.... This really surprised me!
hey, where did you say you teached again??? my brother went to slovakia on the first and hes looking to be a english teacher... that would be just outrageous if you guys knew each other...ha
I teach at the Business School at City Univeristy of Bellevue (in Petrzalka) and at the Law School at Comenius University (the national university). We don't teach English--the students already speak it pretty well, but many of them take private lessons. I have also taught a little English in private lessons on the side. That is how most people do it. My e-mail address is on my lj site if he wants to contact me--I know a few Americans here.

So have you posted those pics you've been writing about?